So, you are tired of seeing so much nonsense and social illnesses all around you..And, you have a burning ambition to contribute to a better a world through popularizing Islamicvalues and way-of-life, right?May we suggest you realize your ambition and achieve financial stability at the same time.Perhaps your own past life experience has already shown you the impacticality of adoptingother ways of achieving both! Waste no more time. Consider all your options, do your istikharah,and once you have got the green light…don’t look back!You cannot go wrong with a finalist to the “Most Promising Franchisor” award of the MalaysianFranchise Association. Come talk to us. And if you like what you hear, fill up the SABA FranchiseProgram form, submit it and we will fix an appointment for your interview.Upon successful application, you will find yourself running a SABA Outlet and becoming partof the big happy SABA family, within just a few months! Unlike mony other book shop owners,you will be in the books/ media business with a flying start, with no supply-side headache,no image build-up ‘dead-period’, and minimal promotional, advertisement and management expenses.

1. Go through Brochure/ SABA wesite/ Contact any SABA Outlet
2. Weigh the pros & cons and make your decision
3. Submit franchise application form to SABA
4. Apply for franchise loan to PROSPER/ PUNB
5. Attend interview at SABA and at PROSPER/ PUNB
6. Accept(or decline) offer to be a SABA Franchisee & for franchise loan- sign Agreements
7. Make order for initial stock
8. Confirm/ sign Agreement for shop premise rental
9. Start shop set-up activity(estimated at 3 to 4 months)
10. Shop open for business & you begin to realize your burning ambition.


Franchise Brand:

Profile of Franchisee:
Full-time dedicated entrepreneur, preferably with some related experience, good command of English, practising Muslims, interest in social works and ‘bridge-building’ amongst Muslims and between Muslims and non-Muslims

Minimum initial Capital:
From RM 250,000 (RM 150,000 stock, RM 80,000 fixed Asset, RM 20,000 fee)

Franchise Fee:
RM 20,000 (One-off)
(included in the abovw “Minimum initial Capital”)

2.5% of Gross Salesor RM 750 minimum monthly, whichever higher (First 6 month operation : Royalty waived for sale portion RM 30,000 / month and below – sale portion over & above this minimum sale payable at 2.5%)

Contract Period:
5 Years + 5 Years

Exclusive for a radius of 25km from another outlet, except in capital cities where a shorter distance between outlets is allowed.

Size of Outlet:
Minimum of 400 sq feet.

For more details, contact:

Puan Laila Turisyima
Email :