Islamic Book Provider

As one of the largest Islamic book store in Malaysia, Saba Islamic Media provides many Islamic books categorized into many sections. The sections includes FIQH, SHARIAH, SOCIAL SCIENCE, ECONOMICS & BUSINESS, POLITICS & WORLD AFFAIR, COMPARATIVE RELIGION, HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY and many more. We also provides AL-QURAN and its TRANSLATION with various versions and languages. Saba Islamic Media also publish and distribute books byHARUN YAHYA such as KAUM-KAUM YANG PUPUS, BEFORE YOU REGRET, ATLAS OF THE CREATION and many more.

Your Islamic Video and Multimedia Solution

With the collection of VCD/ DVD of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Syeikh Yusuf Estes, Sheikh Khalid Yasin and many more, Saba Islamic Media becomes your right shop for Islamic Video needs. We have almost full collection of lecture series of the Scholars. Besides Islamic Lectures series, Saba Islamic Media also produce a phenomenon series (Sign of the Creator) which have been translated to Bahasa Melayu too. It is our bestseller product and it should be buy by everyone.