Established in 1989 as a sole proprietorship dealing in the publication, production and distribution of Islamic literature, audio/video, computer/electronic multimedia, Saba Islamic Media saw a growing need to expand its sphere of activities. It became a private limited company – Saba Islamic Media Sdn Bhd in 1996, and grew to be one of the leading Islamic book shops in the country, with multi-location outlets.

SABA has since earned a well respected name for itself both locally and abroad. Its cross-border dealings include export of its own publications and selling/buying of rights. SABA’s reputation has placed it in a unique position with respect to customers’ loyalty & suppliers’ trust & confidence.

Far from being just another book shop in the country though, SABA soon found itself venturing into audio/video production, including the popular Raihan Rangerz and the Seerah Anbiya children animation series. Further, SABA has always shown flair for high social/educational value programs, some of which did bloom into high profile ‘projects’ like the Hotel Quran Project and the full blown three-in-one (trade fair, international conference, gala dinner/concert night) international event – the International Islamic Fair. Its journey over the years has touched the hearts of many – Muslim and non-Muslim alike, leaving a lasting impression on those involved. It has also inspired others to embark upon other similarly meaningful intellectual and spiritual programs.

SABA is also well known for its contributions to Islamic da’wah in the country, by and on its own, and through cooperative efforts with Islamic organizations including IIS (Islamic Information & Services Fdn.) which was founded as an off-shoot of SABA’s own earlier da’wah activity. Interfaith bridge-building is another field of SABA’s involvement – mainly in collaboration with IIS, which aims at promoting interfaith harmony and positive values in the Malaysian society. Indeed, the positive impact of SABA/IIS’s joint effort over the years, on interfaith relations in Malaysia, is rather obvious. It has over time snowballed into a myriad of interfaith activities which have drawn numerous NGOs and even government institutions, all for the better!

Bringing Islamic knowledge and values to the general public at the ‘street level’, SABA even has a presence among the motoring fraternity, where selected items are made available at Petronas MESRA retail stations; and for those budding and seasoned entrepreneurs out there, the good news is that SABA franchise program is currently underway.

So, we don’t mean to brag but excuse us for not denying claims out there, that.. no one is quite like SABA Islamic Media!!

SABA’s methodology: Da’wah-through-business, with the now iconic shop front motto: Your Spiritual Wellbeing… our business.